Sep. 3rd, 2008

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I finished my research of the three schools I will be calling today. I found some interesting connections:

School 1: The "in house composer" is the son of my grade school music teacher. He also went to my grade school, but is two years younger than me, so we never were classmates. There are a handful of faculty (mainly learning specialists) that are TC alum, so it may indicate that they'll respect my incoming credentials. They also have a Dance Coach and a Gymnastics team, which are the closes things to skating, aside from other more classic sports. They even have health related fitness classes -- Pilates and Meditation for example! I think I can sell working with the Meditation teacher in conjunction with counseling.

School 2: The athletic director is a UD ALUM! She went to UD in 1980, but still... Blue Hen Power may be a good bonding point and help me into this school.... There are also TC Alum here in a lot of different departments, so they like hiring TC people, which could work in my favor. They also offer Gymnastics and Dance, along with other sports, but still, I can sell my familiarity with their program.

School 3: It's two blocks from my house. *drool* So do I call them first out of convenience? What a fab commute would that be?? The best "in" connection I may have is that they have a newly appointed TC Alum in the counseling department, and one appointed in 1994, and thanks to Wikipedia, I learned that this school and Columbia in general have close ties because of their 300 year history. They also have a few people in their athletics department who are TC Alum, so this may bode well too.

The sucktacular Fieldwork Coordinator at school still hasn't replied to my last missive. I feel like I have absolutely NO ONE that I can speak freely to in order to complain about this, or anyone to ask for some advice. The closest thing I have is my research team lead, and I may email her by the end of the week and ask her for "permission to speak freely" and/or off the record. Sadly, one of my favorite profs from my first semester is um, no longer here... I heard it was political and kinda ugly. She pissed off the wrong person basically, and is no longer teaching here.

And lastly, in this chatty update, I have a question about cats... Wookie has this thing about eating things that make him throw up -- mainly candy wrappers. He finds them... I throw them out... but he finds them... eats them... and then throws up. Is this Kitteh Pica? Or is he a Kitteh Bulimic in danger of Kitarexia? Or is he just a few cards short of a full deck?

I'd think that if you eat something that makes you throw up would make you not want to eat that again... but Wookie doesn't seem to think that. Any advice/help would be welcome.
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So I've been refreshing the class schedule webpage hoping that a certain class will open up (Developmental Psych: Adolescence)... and still no luck. I was just about to email the prof and ask if I can get an override (with the reasoning being that I didn't expect my fieldwork to be in the high school, and this class would help prepare me for the work ahead) when I discover that this prof has a web page...

Is her class full because she's a hottie? Is her class full because she writes books on sex? What type of philosophy does this woman have regarding adolescence, if she has done radio spots with Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly -- and Howard Stern?

Either way, I'm not going to stress over this. I am taking 3 classes. If I get fieldwork, I'll effectively have 4 classes. If not, maybe I'll get a part time job or volunteer for a non-profit.

I am trying not to be high strung. I am trying to go with the flow. It's hard.
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Some days I just can't get my brain and mouth to work at the same time. Just left messages for two of the schools, the third's voicemail was full. My first voicemail message I think was good... but I totally stumbled over myself on the second. I "corrected" myself by apologizing for being tongue tied because I was just nervous and excited about this opportunity... hopefully that gets me some forgiveness... more importantly... a call back.


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