Oct. 25th, 2008


Oct. 25th, 2008 11:56 am
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I know I owe people answers to the question meme, and some reply comments... I will get to them. My midterm hell is almost over... one left on Tuesday, and thank His Noodliness I think I love my prof's style of exams. She gave us 8 questions, she'll ask us 5 of the 8. She seems to be really into concise, concrete answers, and explicitly told us what she wants in an answer. We have a full "page" to respond to each, she wants no more than that, but if we can answer it in a 1/4 page paragraph, she's totally cool with it, as long as we have answered the question. I still have some reading to catch up on, but it's all good.

The research team stuff I have been working on has sucked too much time out of my life, and unnecessarily so, it seems... my eagerness and perfectionistic tendencies are appreciated by the professor leading the team, but in my own words, I need to "lighten up" and as funny as it sounds... research is not an exact science. My job was to pick the population to distribute the survey to, and there really is no perfect way to do it... so that just means that we include that tidbit as a limitation in our discussion section. Ta da! It makes the study no less valid, we just have to acknowledge that our distribution methods probably influences our results in XYZ ways.

Although this post is longer than I expected, it still is a quickie, because I am typing REALLY fast. To end my post... regarding my prayers to the FSM regarding my test on Thursday, I think my prayers were answered. The test was still scary but not as scary as I imagined, and I am pretty sure I passed. Don't know if I passed with a 90+ or an 80+ but I passed, and will make up my grade with acing the final (which will be all about specific disorders, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, which I think I will be really good at).

Ok that's it... I need to get some stuff done, and as a reward when I take a break, I will go back to LJing and answer some meme-age.


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