Nov. 7th, 2008

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We have been sooooooo good about eating at home, and only order out once every few weeks, and when we do, it's usually "greasy Mexican"* as we affectionately call it. Not only have our diets changed in general, but we realize that we get consistently better results when we cook at home than when we order out from most places. You can order a hamburger from the diner, but it's hit and miss, it can all depend on who assembles the platter - you can end up with a soggy bun, or have the cheese melt to the aluminum take out container... But if you make it at home, it's just perfect.

I lately have been driving [ profile] cupofjode to school on Fridays, because I have to move the car for alternate side anyway. As a "treat" I thought it would be nice to have him make coffee for me in a mug, and we pick up bagels from a cart vendor or little deli... each time in the recent past that we have tried this, we have been less than enthused about what we received. All I want is a plain bagel with butter, which is supposed to taste better when someone else makes it for you! Alas, that is no more.

There is one more cart to try, but I suspect disappointment again. Which leads me to the title of my post. As much as I would hope that indulging in a bagel from the local cart would be pleasurable, I'd be much better off buying a bagel at the grocery store, and buttering it myself. It also ends up being cheaper - on average a bagel with butter is between $.75 and $1.25, but buying a plain bagel at the store is $.50, so all it costs me is a few minutes of manual labor to butter it.

So there ya have it. Convenience food, may be convenient but may not be happy - for your tummy or your wallet.

*"greasy Mexican" refers to a place called Fresco Tortilla Taco, which is part of a chain of Mexican holes in the wall, each run by Chinese people. They each have semi-unique names, like Fresco Tortilla Burrito or Fresco Burrito, New Fresco Tortillas... etc... you get the idea. You can order a #11 at any of them and get the same thing. If we could replicate their cheese enchiladas and nachos we would... but we can't, and the food is so cheap, it's our take-out of choice.


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