Nov. 10th, 2008

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Sometimes I think it would be better if I just gave up my fandom and worshiped from afar... secretly rooting but not getting too into it, because sometimes I fear that when I root too hard, they lose. I admit to being a superstitious person in some cases, but record dictates that when I avoid watching the Jets games on TV, they win more... case in point, the other week against the Raiders... they were doing alright... but as soon as I turned on the game, we lost in the last few minutes.

I was expecting a loss this week, just out of habit, but ended up being happily surprised and unsure how to handle the first half smooshing of the Rams. It was just insane... the combination of fumble recoveries, interceptions (OMG the interception at the goal line was freakin' magic), and sweet catches was amazing. Overall I am glad they won, although I wish I knew what was going on in their minds for the second half where there wasn't as much magic... but good defense, keeping the Rams at 3 points.

We left when the score hit 47 points, we could have stayed longer but we underestimated how cold it would be in the shade, and didn't wear enough to stay comfortable. So we tottered out and picked up the useless piece of recyclable fanfodder, a heavy paper team picture with a coupon/ad on the bottom to enter the "Canon, Shoot Like a Pro" contest/raffle. Oooh... special.

Traffic was going to suck, so before heading home we did a bit of economic stimulus by doing some NJ priced grocery shopping and helped out Linens N Things by lightening their load as they go out of business... Best deal: hot pink silicon bendy keyboard for $6. I just hope it works, I haven't hooked it up yet...

Anyway... onward to face the week. More fieldwork calls are in order, errands to run, house to clean, clothes to sort, homework to do, yadda yadda yadda....


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