Nov. 22nd, 2008

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I'm just about FUMING here with this news. Especially after I caught up with Pushing Daisies this week, seeing the extremely sweet thing Ned did for Chuck through Olive (vague in case someone else is behind... but we all know he does really sweet things for her all the time, and in really creative ways).

I am aghast, almost speechless at this. Some believe the writers strike from last year is partially responsible, since it chopped up these now second year shows. Now I don't watch Dirty Sexy Money, and while Eli Stone is fun, I am not going to be too broken up if it goes... but Pushing Daisies is just so beautiful and brilliant...

I am not sure how connected ABC and ABC Family are connected in terms of who is on the team to decide what shows stay and go... but ABC Family has/had The Middleman, another brilliantly funny sci-fi cerebral show and that show's fate is yet to be determined (although the lack of renewal news has some of us afraid it will be perma-chopped too).

Maybe Brian Fuller's* connection with NBC and Heroes will give him some sway and maybe he could help convince NBC to buy Daisies, at least...

I don't know how much DVR and TIVO have effected network decisions about what shows stay and go, but I am positive that even with a less than optimal time slot to begin with (I believe in good shows being upwardly mobile to better time slots, and thank god we're finally at the end of ER, who seems to be using this last season to set a record for "number of sharks jumped in one season" so 10pm Thurs is opening up...) avid fans will still tune in to both shows, regardless of order, and Daisies will still be watched, even if it's on TV catchup day, Saturday morning during breakfast....

These last two years are the first time in a long time (maybe actually because DVR lets me watch stuff when I actually have time to!) that I cared about a few shows so much that I really felt like I had to tune in... I feel really jerked around at the fact that there is TV out there that I actually like, versus it just being filler and I watch it because it's on, and now it's getting canned.

*and holy crap, I just looked at his IMBD profile, and he has written over 20 episodes of Star Trek, and was a co-producer as well, how the hell did I not know this until now???

And as a PS -- I think I need to make a new icon of my "this blows" t-shirt... I have lost at least a cup size and when I wear that shirt, there is no crease by his tail when I am laying down. My desire to do an additional PPS will be saved for a post all its own.


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