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Is how I feel right now.

I overslept a bit, and didn't get up in time to be the first to register for spring classes.
I HURRIED to the puter and tried to register -- the system was DOWN!!!!!!
Frantically I call the registrar and she says they are working on the problem, but they can't hold a spot for me (there were only 2 slots left in one of the classes I needed).
So I try to find out if I can register on the phone -- and I can... so I did... and I'm in!
There are a few other red tape issues with this spring, but I am running late right now... I have an appointment with my trainer in 25min, and I still need to shower and finish enough breakfast in order to have energy for my workout...
Then I need to get groceries on my way home... and then I have a doctor's appointment at 3.
I have a final exam tomorrow.
I have a paper due on Wednesday.
I have 2 more papers and a final exam before the end of the year.

**runs around waving her arms frantically**

If I was sitting in an airplane right now, I suspect a line of people would be forming to "calm me down."

Date: 2008-12-08 04:58 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Aww, you can do it. I just came home from taking my English final. Tomorrow's my History final, and Wednesday my Trig final, and I've got extra credit I want to do for both.


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