Dec. 9th, 2008 11:21 am
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Oh Blessed Noodley One.

I pray to you today, to help me achieve the calm and focus needed to get me through the next few weeks of school. I have an exam today, and a paper due tomorrow. The exam is open book, and I trust your noodly appendages will reach down to help me flip through the pages to find the right references in a quick an timely manner. I see the errors in my ways from the first exam, and feel almost prepared for this exam, although I have a little last minute reading to catch up on... which I shall do momentarily as soon as you receive my full prayer.

I further pray that in writing my 3 papers that are due shortly, I have the tenacity to focus only on the question being asked, and not go off edifying myself in a procrastinating way. I shall breathe and use my scent memory to feel your saucy goodness course through my nasal cavities and warm my heart and calm my mind. The journals will be there when the semester is over. I know.

And lastly, please reach down and caress me with your noodly goodness as I make my calls for Fieldwork. And tickle the ears of those hearing my request, nudging them, ever so gently to pick up the phone to call me back, and may they open their hearts to the possibility that they will enjoy training me so much, that they will take me in spring time, so I do not need to wait until fall to begin the final leg of my journey.


OOh... PS. If there is anything you can do to help more people take and complete the survey for my research team, we'd really appreciate it. And if you can give me a epastaiphany for some idea that will reach more people so they can take the survey, that would be most welcome as well. RAmen.
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