Mar. 6th, 2008 09:18 am
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Mine behind cut in case someone hasn't seen the finale.

Well, to begin with, I would have much rather seen Chris than Rami in the final 3. And I just peaked at his collection at Fashion Week; I still love him. Actully, in looking... NY Magazine did a spread on all the PR designers, so Sweet P also showed a collection.

But as far as the actual finale goes:

Rami - "celebration of women"? To me, half his designs incorporated saddlebags, which are a) unflattering b) women actively try to get rid of them.

Favorite: The green/taupe woven corsety gown
Least Favorite: Tie between the gold Grecian thing, and the red sack dress

Jillian - Overall nice, but I totally didn't get/like the embellishments on the shoulders/arms, like the suit jacket/skirt combo with the pointy shoulder sheer dohickies.

Favorite: Red lined jacket with hood, followed closely by the black jacket with gold trim that was part of what looked like a riding outfit (sans the hat)

Least Favorite: The gold pleated cocktail dress with off the shoulder sleeves. And WTF with the black Romanesque mohawk hat?

Christian - I've softened for him, even if it's just a result of being sick of Rami and I think Jillian is melodramatic, but not in that fierce way. She would never die of barfness. His collection was very "him" and I like his stuff visually but it's all top-heavy which I think is flattering to very few. He's very obsessed with neck rufflage.

Favorite: Both two-toned dresses, not that either would look good on me.

Least Favorite: The big ruffled coat his model wore with him at the end, just a little overwhelming with fabric and blobby.

And there you have my novice opinion of the show.
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