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Hi everyone!

I know some of you have seen this at least once... either in an email or on my Facebook profile, but I am posting here to reach those outside of those parameters as well...

As I have mentioned in passing, here and there, I am on a research team at school. We are launching our second online survey and getting participants through word of mouth. We hope to send invitations to our circles of friends and they will pass it on and so on; in doing so, we aim to get a diverse group of participants from different demographic backgrounds.

If you can take the survey, that would be great - it only takes about 10-15min. If you can pass the request on to your other friends, family, coworkers, associates, minions, overlords... you get the idea, that would be wonderful too :) If no to both, I still love you anyway.


The remaining information has been removed since the survey has ended. Thanks for participating!
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I just saw this as I am catching up on LJ... omg... I am so behind...

Two words:
Cthulu. Ski-mask.
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I don't remember how I got hooked up with this website, but I joined a while ago... it was either a promotion that got me curious, or it was when I was investigating how to distribute the online survey for my research team... either way, I get occasional emails telling me that there is a new survey up if I'd like to take it... yesterday I get one of these said emails asking me to take a 10min survey from some students at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

The first few questions were about demographic data, including this gem:


I don't need to explain in how many ways this is just odd and wrong... and the "other" choice didn't even have a blank space to specify what "other" you are. But, to be a snark, I did choose other, and they'll have to interpret that as they see fit.

I feel the most appropriate loose association quote for this is from Family Guy:

"You know, I always thought that dogs laid eggs... I learned something today."
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] shellefly!!!

May you have a wonderful year, full of wishes fulfilled and pleasant surprises!


Mar. 1st, 2009 08:41 am
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Praised be, His Noodliness.

I pray to you this day in all your starchy glory, that ye giveth me the strength and brainial fortitude to complete my exam in a speedy and coherent manner, in spite of my need to work today. Open the pressure cooker of my mind and let the thoughts steam out and flow out through my fingers and keyboard and into my Word document. Help me resist temptation and distraction of Spider Solitaire and Facebook games, and resist the desire to digress to the point where my answers are too long. Give me the gift of terseness and concisitude for the next 48 hours.

You have already been generous in your gifts thus far, and in your honor, I have acquired the most adorable piratical keychain, which I keep with me as a token of my love and dedication to Your Noodliness and Pastafarian virtues.

Tonight I shall reheat your grainy goodness and consume thy body and drink in thy sauce, and transaucestantiate in reverence.

In closing, I pray to you that my exam is al dente -- just right.


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Happy Birthday [ profile] notapooka!!!!

Happy Birthday [ profile] ladyandromeda!!!!
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I try, but I fail at keeping my clothing organized. I have a fair amount of closet space and a lot of drawers, but every time I try redo my clothing, like after a big laundry day -- the organization deteriorates very quickly.

So, anyone have any advice on how to organize clothing? What categories do I use to determine where things go?

Business versus casual versus dressy/party/fun clothes?
Organize by color?
Organize by warmth level (like, heavy sweaters and shirts versus lighter shirts that need layers)?

See how lost I am?


Jan. 14th, 2009 11:38 am
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Happy birthday [ profile] anisette_toast!
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So perhaps it is lame that I opened my laptop at 11:56 just so I could update my Facebook status at exactly 12:00am 1-1-09, wishing everyone a Happy New Year... but I was in the company of friends, and had a nummy dinner, some semi-homebrewed mead, and my sweetie only a foot away.

Not a bad way to end and then begin a year.

I am a bit spent to say anything else of substance, perhaps the muse will be upon me when I wake. Warm noodley appendages welcoming me into the new year.
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Marathon 2 weeks of school... technically 8 days left... Last... day.... December... 18th... 1 final down... 1 paper down (late but done)... 2 finals to go, 2 papers to go...

I can't wait for it to be over.


Dec. 9th, 2008 11:21 am
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Oh Blessed Noodley One.

I pray to you today, to help me achieve the calm and focus needed to get me through the next few weeks of school. I have an exam today, and a paper due tomorrow. The exam is open book, and I trust your noodly appendages will reach down to help me flip through the pages to find the right references in a quick an timely manner. I see the errors in my ways from the first exam, and feel almost prepared for this exam, although I have a little last minute reading to catch up on... which I shall do momentarily as soon as you receive my full prayer.

I further pray that in writing my 3 papers that are due shortly, I have the tenacity to focus only on the question being asked, and not go off edifying myself in a procrastinating way. I shall breathe and use my scent memory to feel your saucy goodness course through my nasal cavities and warm my heart and calm my mind. The journals will be there when the semester is over. I know.

And lastly, please reach down and caress me with your noodly goodness as I make my calls for Fieldwork. And tickle the ears of those hearing my request, nudging them, ever so gently to pick up the phone to call me back, and may they open their hearts to the possibility that they will enjoy training me so much, that they will take me in spring time, so I do not need to wait until fall to begin the final leg of my journey.


OOh... PS. If there is anything you can do to help more people take and complete the survey for my research team, we'd really appreciate it. And if you can give me a epastaiphany for some idea that will reach more people so they can take the survey, that would be most welcome as well. RAmen.
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So I have Word 2007 now, and it keeps crapping out when I try to print...

edit: More to the point apparently, it takes 5+ minutes for it to communicate to the printer before it prints... I hit print before I posted, waited, looked for drivers, posted, went to the little girls room, washed my hands, and sat down, and THEN the 3 page doc printed as I sat down.

Does anyone know of this problem? Is it a driver issue (I have an HP laserjet 1012)? Vista issue?

Any insight to help me troubleshoot would be most appreciated.
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Is how I feel right now.

I overslept a bit, and didn't get up in time to be the first to register for spring classes.
I HURRIED to the puter and tried to register -- the system was DOWN!!!!!!
Frantically I call the registrar and she says they are working on the problem, but they can't hold a spot for me (there were only 2 slots left in one of the classes I needed).
So I try to find out if I can register on the phone -- and I can... so I did... and I'm in!
There are a few other red tape issues with this spring, but I am running late right now... I have an appointment with my trainer in 25min, and I still need to shower and finish enough breakfast in order to have energy for my workout...
Then I need to get groceries on my way home... and then I have a doctor's appointment at 3.
I have a final exam tomorrow.
I have a paper due on Wednesday.
I have 2 more papers and a final exam before the end of the year.

**runs around waving her arms frantically**

If I was sitting in an airplane right now, I suspect a line of people would be forming to "calm me down."
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Dammit. That's all I got.

Last week's ref-exacerbating debacle is only made more annoying by today's NFL results.

Jets lose to the 49ers (WTH is up with that? Seriously.)
Miami over Buffalo (Pennington with the Jets suck, but move south and this happens??)
NE pulls out a 4th quarter win over Seattle (Just Dammit.)

Is this a mirror universe? Is it a ring of hell? I just don't know anymore. Our division just makes no sense. At all.
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General shout out, I wish everyone well today. I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, in that it is as happy a day as it can be under whatever your current circumstances is, seeing how some of us are having an especially crappy or unfair day/week, or that this time of year is generally not the happiest of times...

Even under these not so pleasant circumstances or memories of times past, there are still things to be thankful for and that's something I'm trying to hold onto today. I don't take stock in the "traditional" meaning of the holiday, seeing how the aftermath of the event is bitter and barely semi-sweet, but if I can put history aside for 24 hours, I enjoy the spirit of getting together with those in our lives right now and I can be thankful for what I do have even though there is a lot that I don't.... then today can be an okay day.

You are all in my hearts today, and to some certain special people, I am sending healthy and loving vibes in particular because of what is currently going on in life and I can commiserate.

So with all that said, I am being called to the car and we are off. Happy Thursday everyone.

I'm thankful for all of you.
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So after Queen at Wembly, LOGO was also showing Ziggy Stardust, which I of course recorded as well. I hadn't seen it before; I had only known of it.

I dig David Bowie and all... but for whatever reason I just don't "get" Ziggy. I can objectively appreciate the artistic aspect of the show, and I love the music -- but the trippy aspect of it all, I'm just not groking it. If anyone knows, am I missing something? Do I need to watch this in a dark room halfway through a bottle of wine? Do I need to read the Bowie historical biography to get Ziggy in context of this time in his career?
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I'm just about FUMING here with this news. Especially after I caught up with Pushing Daisies this week, seeing the extremely sweet thing Ned did for Chuck through Olive (vague in case someone else is behind... but we all know he does really sweet things for her all the time, and in really creative ways).

I am aghast, almost speechless at this. Some believe the writers strike from last year is partially responsible, since it chopped up these now second year shows. Now I don't watch Dirty Sexy Money, and while Eli Stone is fun, I am not going to be too broken up if it goes... but Pushing Daisies is just so beautiful and brilliant...

I am not sure how connected ABC and ABC Family are connected in terms of who is on the team to decide what shows stay and go... but ABC Family has/had The Middleman, another brilliantly funny sci-fi cerebral show and that show's fate is yet to be determined (although the lack of renewal news has some of us afraid it will be perma-chopped too).

Maybe Brian Fuller's* connection with NBC and Heroes will give him some sway and maybe he could help convince NBC to buy Daisies, at least...

I don't know how much DVR and TIVO have effected network decisions about what shows stay and go, but I am positive that even with a less than optimal time slot to begin with (I believe in good shows being upwardly mobile to better time slots, and thank god we're finally at the end of ER, who seems to be using this last season to set a record for "number of sharks jumped in one season" so 10pm Thurs is opening up...) avid fans will still tune in to both shows, regardless of order, and Daisies will still be watched, even if it's on TV catchup day, Saturday morning during breakfast....

These last two years are the first time in a long time (maybe actually because DVR lets me watch stuff when I actually have time to!) that I cared about a few shows so much that I really felt like I had to tune in... I feel really jerked around at the fact that there is TV out there that I actually like, versus it just being filler and I watch it because it's on, and now it's getting canned.

*and holy crap, I just looked at his IMBD profile, and he has written over 20 episodes of Star Trek, and was a co-producer as well, how the hell did I not know this until now???

And as a PS -- I think I need to make a new icon of my "this blows" t-shirt... I have lost at least a cup size and when I wear that shirt, there is no crease by his tail when I am laying down. My desire to do an additional PPS will be saved for a post all its own.
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I did it... I caved.... I have joined facebook.

And I have spent the better part of the last 3 hours adding friends from all over the place... high school, grade school, skating, larp, grad school...

i'm scared.

Edited to add: I feel so popular... not only have some really distant people confirmed my friend connection, a few people have already FOUND me to add me!
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